Geospatial Solutions

SofiaITC provides Mission Critical end-to-end aerial data solutions by matching your data collection and delivery needs with the right hardware, software, training, pilots, and program integration requirements through our Hyperion™ Geospatial Solution. Our solution locates, qualifies & deploys single-pilot, multi-pilot, and large-scale drone pilot deployment services for commercial, government, and military for efficient, safe and reliable deliverables. Our Hyperion Geospatial Solution provides evaluation, planning, and development to organizations in multiple regions across the U.S. for the following areas:

  • Aerial Inspection & Mapping Data Services; up-to-date monitoring of safety & security inspections, energy leak detections, construction progress, volumetric & stockpile assessments, and environmental goals.
  • Agriculture & Game Management; Count & Concentration, Disaster, Multispectral Health Analysis.
  • Emergency Support Services; Drought, Earthquake, Floods, Forest Fires, Hurricane, and Tornado.
  • Law Enforcement Support Services; LEO-led SAR, structural collapse, bomb incident, barricade situation (hostage/non-hostage), homicide investigation, drowning, DUI enforcement, warrant service, scene intelligence collection, or threat protection/protective detail support.
  • Orthomosaic Mapping Services; Our orthomosaic mapping technology uses the drone’s GPS location to capture geo-referenced imagery. Our software then merges, or stitches, together hundreds or thousands of high-resolution images to create a precise orthomosaic map.
  • Raster & Vector Services; processing services from satellites, drones, and more for spatial analytics and visualizing data over time.
  • Terrain & Imagery Analysis; Proven, Easy To Use & Offering The Best In Analysis/Processing Tools deployed and accessed from the desktop, in the cloud, and on mobile devices, and can be customized through an API to meet specific project requirements.
  • 3D Modeling & Data Analysis; We use our advanced Hyperion solution and AI to intelligently combine hundreds of drone images, geo-referenced GPS coordinates, and altitude data into impressive 3D models.
  • Research & Development
Our certified drone pilots validate airspace and offer specialized options and equipment from 360°’s, 3D models, simulations, high definition, infrared, thermal, LiDAR, and night vision. We provide secure collections and data. From pre and active evaluation to post inspection records, we understand your requirements.