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VP of IT & BD

VP of Information Technology & Business Development

Angel “Ace” Acevedo is the Vice President of Information Technology (IT) and Business Development (BD) for Sofia Information Technology Consulting, Inc. (SofiaITC).  Ace has over 38 years of experience in Information Technology and Cyber Security providing management, system engineering and high-level enterprise design expertise within the government and commercial industries. Ace was responsible for the design and integration of well over 80 FOBs for US Central Command (USCENTCOM) and US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Area of Responsibilities (AORs).  He became the technical advisor to the USSOCOM Combined Joint Special Operations Interagency Task Force (CJIATF) involved in data management, data protection and other high-level operations; bringing down numerous High Value Targets (HVTs).  His current focus is providing Mission Critical IT and Cyber Security solutions to government and commercial customers, increasing their Return on Investment (ROI). Ace holds a Master’s in Business Administration, a Master’s in Technology Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Technology.